Mattress Cleaning

Did You Know?

According to Amerisleep, up to 3 million CFU
(Colony Forming Units) of bacteria are formed even
for a new mattress of less than a year

We lose over 150L of body fluid like sweat and body
oil a year and much is absorbed by your mattress

External dust and fumes from open window

Foreign particles and bacterial from your clothing;
not to mention your furry friends “body gifts”

Ticks, bed bugs, dust mites are your main sleeping partner


11 in 1 Protection Pack

Our human and pets friendly approach make sures you get the best results from our cleaning. And did we mentioned that we will disinfect your room air quality with our plant based natural protective complexes after cleaning as well? We know a good sleep is the key to you and your loved ones’ well-being.

*For some aged stains, we do our best to remove or lighten it.

Helps in

Prevents common allergy and improve air quality of the room when you sleep

Reduces itching and bites especially to young infants and children

Prolong the life span of your mattress

Removes odour and general hygiene improvement

Importantly, it eliminates bugs, fungi, mites and all bacterial from calling your bed their home while multiplying every day. Its highly recommended that mattresses are washed every quarter to maintain good hygiene and personal health well-being.

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Our Package

Size One-time Yearly Subscription
Per session
• 3 session per year
RM 100
RM 250
Queen & King
RM 200
RM 490

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