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Affordable, quick turnaround so that you run your business uninterrupted and most importantly, effective.

As we reopen and enters a post Covid 19 phase, our awareness on hygiene ought to be heightened. To effectively prevent the risk of giving rise to more Covid variants or other deadly and more contagious pathogens, the place you enjoy your leisure as well as working place needs to be disinfected well like our 30 days anti-microbial coating. Be it retail, cinemas, Airbnb, gyms, boardroom, or your workplace pantry; airQ+ makes sure we got you protected with our sanitization service.
Do you know the level of bacterial in your home due to cross contamination from you? Probably best to just have us disinfect and not think about it too much. Instead, think about not having to disinfect it every day and have us taken care of it with a non-toxin yet powerful, biodegradable 30 days protection formula. You can relax and stretch out at home with an ease of mind.
Of course, you can use continue to stock up and use traditional disinfectants or ineffective sanitizing service that is ‘one-off’ and last for 15 mins like bleach or antiseptic that contains arsenic, heavy metals, and other nasty ingredients. Plus, did we mentioned earlier you need to do this every day? Now that sucks!

365 Protection Care



* All airQ+ staffs are fully vaccinated with boosters. Will show proof of vaccination upon request.
* Please inform us if its post Covid cleaning for PPE selection purposes.

Your routine cleaning will not wipe off the antimicrobial layer, in fact it gets stronger and electrocute any germs and bacterial that comes into contact with for the next 30 days. With 30 Days anti-microbial coating so that it is effective in inactivating bacteria constantly and not one off from your supermarket disinfectant spray. Let’s do our part and protect ourselves!

Helps in

Eliminate Covid and other pathogens that might mutate to something deadlier

KKM approved chemicals and US EPA registered technology

Durable after multiple wiping even with cleaning agents

Minimal droplets after fogging

Monthly sanitization is recommended to eliminates bacterial that are harmful to your family and the environment. Especially for homes with young children and older folks due to their immunity level is weaker than adults. 30 days protection is what you need and not daily harmful disinfectant sprays that is a waste of money, offers minimal protection, builds up pathogen immunity overtime and an everyday chore.

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Most Companies

Our Package

Type One-time Yearly Subscription
Per sqf
12 session per year
KKM Approved
• Standard Disinfection
RM 0.20 / sqf 
RM 0.13 / sqf  x12
Total Defence
• 30 Days Antimicrobial
RM 0.30 / sqf
RM 0.23 / sqf  x12

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