Sofa / Swivel Chair Cleaning

Ever Wonder?

Should you clean your sofa and chairs like you clean your table?
Yes, but no one really bothers until they feel itchiness, smells and seats looking ‘worn’. Feeling embarrassed? It’s the single most used piece of furniture filled with food, sweat, dust, hair, body oil, dead skin etc. At airQ+, your beloved sofa is in safe hand. We will inspect your sofa and recommend the best method of cleaning with.

9 in 1 Sofa Package

Helps in

Kills bacteria & fungi 100%

Eliminates bad odour

Improves air quality

Prolongs your sofa life span

Even the simplest seat deserves a new lease of life.

Where we stand for sofa & swivel
chair cleaning


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Our Package

Type One-time Yearly Subscription
Per session
2 session per year
1 seater
RM 80
RM 130
2 seater
RM 170
RM 290
3 seater
RM 190
RM 310
RM 270
RM 430
Office/Swivel Chair
RM 30 

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