Privacy Policy

Thank you for wanting to know more about the way we handle and treat your data – it is extremely important to us and so we are delighted you want to know more about it.

Our privacy notices below, are written in language that is designed to be understood and read by a ‘normal’ (apologies lawyers) person.

But to help you along, here are the basics – for us it isn’t just the letter of the law that applies here, it is the spirit and principles we take seriously, to protect your data and your contract with us:

We don’t sell or share data – or run clever programs to try and squeeze information out about what you are doing so we can sell you more stuff. And we will try and only contact you on things you actually care about.

Our server infrastructure is provided by Amazon Web Services and is currently based in the United States (although servers may from time to time be based in other countries). This applies to our booking link only and not Airqplus website.

All booking link servers and applications run the same security protocols that banks use to transmit financial data.

Airqplus only hold your data because you have given it to us – if you don’t want us to do that, we won’t. The data we held is only for the purpose of us delivery our service of cleaning to you (as customers) and nothing more.

We will hold you to the same standards in how you treat data that is collected on our systems – we operate a robust acceptable use policy which means if we feel you are not treating user data properly, we will hold you to account, and may delete your account.

We are law-abiding citizens, and comply with all the laws that apply to us – that means, if you want to use our service, you have to too 🙂 Check out our terms and conditions for more about