Are Your Sofas & Mattresses Really Clean?

Let’s be honest – when it comes to our daily cleaning routine, many of us wouldn’t even think of cleaning our sofas and mattresses. And it’s not just that. We wouldn’t even bat an eyelid even if someone tells us that our sofas and mattresses are actually the dirtiest objects in our homes and that there’s a need for them to be professionally deep cleaned every half-yearly to quarterly. After all, we change our sheets every week. Plus, they’re still looking as good as new, right?

Well, this is a common misconception that many folks have. And why waste money on professional cleaning?

Here’s that’s why:

Using top industrial equipment and cleaning solutions, our team can provide a deep and thorough clean that flushes dirt, dust mites and eliminates harmful microorganisms hidden deep in your mattresses, sofas, and other upholstered furniture.

All these are carried out through a 7-steps mattress and sofa cleaning process in our wet (deep clean) option.

Here’s a quick overview:
Dry extraction to suck up most particles and dust from your mattress.
165 degrees of steam cleaning to get rid of all the germs and bacterial and loosen up any contents as well as odor.
Scrub with our non-toxic based spray to on bed and spots to clean, deodorize and disinfect the mattress.
Deep extraction to remove the wastewater and all the nasty stuff.
UVC sweep to make sure we kill off any bacteria.
Non-toxic, human, and pet antimicrobial spray on your mattress for a 30-days active protection.
Room misting (plant-based Korean formula) to make sure dust and bacteria in the air during cleaning is stifled completely.