Preventing Covid Spread

How do we prevent INDIRECT transmission of Covid?

Preventing indirect transmission can only be achieved by completely eradicating the infectious pathogenic viral particles from contaminated surfaces and objects once they have left their previous host and are lying invisibly in wait on contaminated surfaces or objects ready to infect further victims with this deadly disease.

Left unchecked, the Corona virus has been shown to remain invisibly and dangerously infectious on any surface, hard or soft, for up to 72 hours. Thereby allowing it to infect many more potential victims of the disease. Such surfaces or objects then become the vehicles of infection for this highly contagious disease.

Humans are, by nature, a very tactile species, we touch many different things in the course of a day and even happily pass around shared objects. In doing so, we can also pass on infectious diseases. Sadly, with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now afraid to touch any shared surface, as one of the main routes of Covid19 infection is by cross-contamination via ‘hi touch’ surfaces.

So, to kill and completely eradicate a dangerous ‘Novel Virus’, an equally ‘Novel Response’ is required. A response that can destroy this virus and stop it in its tracks and is capable of ‘Raising the Standard Beyond Conventional Disinfection’. Therefore, Big Red strongly recommends BRStrike as the perfect solution for creating a safe, hygienic, sterile environment and here, the term ‘Sterile’ is not used lightly.

How do we prevent INDIRECT transmission of Covid?

It’s us! Humans! Social distancing, face mask and enhanced level of personal hygiene practice is paramount to us ending this pandemic. Even in an endemic world of Covid, we should not let up on these practices to prevent a new and stronger virus from showing up and disrupt out lives once again.

Protecting our environment and lowering our carbon footprint delays the disruption of our natural world. Nature can bring joy but it also holds the key to our survival.